Head Office:31 Rochester Drive,Level 24, Singapore 138637Telephone: (65) 6808 8760

Head Office:31 Rochester Drive,Level 24, Singapore 138637Telephone: (65) 6808 8760

Data Analysis and Visualization for Success

Data is the foundation of the Digital Age. Learn how to organize, analyze and interpret these new and vast sources of information. At Action Impact we seek to teach youth the basics of statistics, excel, SPSS and visualization for success at school and at the workplace. Our offerings include the following: Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel :Learn the basics of Excel, one of the most popular data analysis tools, to help visualize and gain insights from your data.Data Analysis: A Practical Introduction for Absolute Beginners: Become Data Literate, no prior experience required. This hands-on course gives you an overview of what a Data Analyst needs to know and deliver and is meant to inspire you with all the possibilities that Data unlocks for the world. Learn SPSS also to process the data.Analytics Storytelling for Impact :Learn the art and science of data storytelling and achieve greater analytics impactData Analysis Essentials: Discover and acquire the quantitative data analysis skills that you will typically need to succeed on an MBA program. This course will cover the fundamentals of collecting, presenting, describing and making inferences from sets of data.All these offerings are available for 18-21-year olds and offers the following:


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