Head Office:31 Rochester Drive,Level 24, Singapore 138637Telephone: (65) 6808 8760

Head Office:31 Rochester Drive,Level 24, Singapore 138637Telephone: (65) 6808 8760

Inspiring Adaptive Leaders

While the stereotypical leader is typically envisioned as a visionary, strong, charismatic figure who inspires the masses; the truth is that this description would apply to both dictators and great change-makers alike. It has nothing to do with leadership.Leadership needs to be a moment rather than as a trait, a behavior, and certainly not as a person. Leadership moments are ones that make your heart leap with hopeful anticipation or fear of taking the next step.For example it is the moment when you decided not to buy liquor for the high school party as you were underage; even at the risk of displeasuring your friends. So too was the time your boss brought together yours and a competing team to talk through your respective siloed behavior. Hence, what makes a leadership moment is the nature of the problem at hand, and how we decide to tackle it — not traits like charisma and vision, though these can be useful tools in the moment.At Action impact we seek to ‘democratize leadership’ and help youth succeed every time they face a leadership moment based on the belief that each of us can learn to adapt behavior, true leaderships is democratic by providing a 2 day workshop where through robust leadership frameworks and exercises, you will gain insight into the mindset of high performance leaders, and learn to tap into your own strengths to influence and lead with impact. You will explore different facets of adaptive leadership and learn to drive change. Before your arrival, you will be required to complete a 360-degree leadership assessment and a behavior profiling questionnaire. During the program, a professional facilitator will work individually with you and in a small group to interpret the results and provide a personalized reflective experience. The facilitator will also assist you in designing an action plan to become a more effective leader.


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