Head Office:31 Rochester Drive,Level 24, Singapore 138637Telephone: (65) 6808 8760

Head Office:31 Rochester Drive,Level 24, Singapore 138637Telephone: (65) 6808 8760

Room For Change

The only thing which is clear about the future is that it will entail a profound break with the ways of being and behaving we have known up to now. The transition towards the new state of things, which the pressure from various "drivers of change" are generating, will occur in the form of a grand social learning process through which, among mistakes and contradictions, we will all have to learn to live differently. More specifically, bearing in mind the fundamental themes of sustainability (environmental and social), connectivity and globalization, we will have to learn to live better consuming less and regenerating our physical and social environment in an ever more closely and extensively interconnected world.
In order to address this complex social process a new skill is required: the ability to "put on stage" possible futures enabling them to be discussed democratically and for us to decide which of them are more desirable. This means that we need to learn to generate clear, reasoned visions of various life-styles -- visions which are able to indicate potentially feasible ways ahead and to stimulate a productive conversation between the various social actors involved.
Through our Room For Change series the action impact will conduct design sprints to explore ‘every day social innovation’ using the principles of design thinking to help drive sustainable social innovation.


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