Head Office:31 Rochester Drive,Level 24, Singapore 138637

Head Office:31 Rochester Drive,Level 24, Singapore 138637

Action Impact Empowering Businesses to Drive Net Positive Change

Hello ! We are Action Impact

We are accredited sustainability consultants and experienced sustainability trainers who have a background in in human-centered insights and in designing and implementing behavior change programs.
The core team has supported corporates and NGO's to design their sustainability strategy, address their their first mile sustainability challenges, align internal management information systems to report using the GRI standards. meet the define and embrace sustainability. We have also designed and facilitated locally accredited training programs (e.g. Singapore's IBF and Skills Future Funded programs in the sustainability, philanthropy and impact space.
We specialize in helping organizations ● Create value by putting people and planet at the heart of their business ● Leverage sustainability risks & opportunities to drive business value● Align their internal information systems and processes to enable reporting using global standards (e.g. GRI/ SASB) and frameworks (e.g. TCFD) ● Magnify impact of their philanthropy & CSR initiatives● Support ecosystem collaborations to drive impact

We support both MNC and SME organizations in the corporate and social sector to embrace sustainability or elevate the impact of their sustainability initiatives and sustainability standards and thus create Net Positive Impact by facilitating :
Integration of the environment and people at the heart of businesses
● Focus on the financial risks and opportunities of climate change and social inequality
Just transitions as organizations embrace sustainability
● Setting realistic goals given the sector, dependency and resources
● Building a culture of empathy, transparency, collaboration and trust.


Enabling Net Positive Impact

Our Solutions

Assessing Risk and Defining PurposeWe collaborate closely with businesses to grasp sustainability challenges and opportunities. Using this insight, we craft organizational purposes, identify material factors, and develop a roadmap for achieving these objective. Additionally, we assist organizations in bridging the gap between intent and action while identifying effective integration strategies within their existing corporate structures and in light of the relevant frameworks and taxonomies and their consumers and stakeholders. For this we offer comprehensive training programs rooted in behavioral economics and the theory of change, empowering teams to turn intent into action effectively.
Sustainability & Impact Reporting We also offer training and guidance for planning and designing your sustainability and impact reports. This is done by deconstructing your business / social sector organization business practices with respect to innovation, suppliers, human capital, labor capital, governance and environment to define current versus desired outcomes - using the principles of double materiality and the theory of Change.
Carbon ServicesWe also help you measure your scope 1/2 & 3 emissions based on GHG protocols and work with your teams to identify a roadmap for reduction.